Luigi Mazzola
Luigi Mazzola

Luigi Mazzola was born in Ferrara and graduated in mechanical engineering with a major in auto vehicles in the Turin polytechnic, his formula 1 adventure started in Ferrari in the racing department in 1988 as a race engineer and concluded in 2009 as coordinating director of performance development.

He won 8 constructor world championships in F1 with the prestigious Ferrari team as technical director of the test team as well as 6 F1 driver world championships as test team manager. His contact with prestigious drivers as A.Prost, M.Schumacher, N.Mansell, G. Berger, R. Barichello, E. Ervine, K. Raikkonen, F.Massa and J. Alesi has made his technical/human experience unique. In synthesis between talent, charisma and leadership, Prost, Schumacher and Valentino have established by far his most interesting professional experience. As head of the test team during his 20 years career he has managed hundreds of people in several different departments giving them the opportunity to prepare themselves for the next step in the racing world.
From 2000 onwards the need to change had become more and more evident from the role of engineer to manager and leader. Therefore he elaborated on his professional experience by attending specialization courses in resource management, Master in PNL, Executive Coach, recognized ACC at ICF, International coaching Federation subsequently he elaborated his knowledge of the human mind above all of the subconscious. The coaching favored the development of alternative models thanks to the cohabitation with superb people as Ross Brawn, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi.

Thanks to these people he was able to create a model of performance of excellence, S.P.I.R.A.L ©, PERFORMANCE COACHING FOR SOLUTIONS LEADERSHIP FOR DECISIONS, Luigi Mazzola is a concrete example of a combination of company technician skills and soft skill which make him unique in the activity of performance development. The managing coaching model S.P.I.R.A.L © applied to various company realities, over the last few years, has already created a number of tangible benefits.