Claudio Luraschi
Claudio Luraschi
Claudio Luraschi (1971), a psychologist, graduated from the University of Geneva. He has been working actively in the field of training and coaching in international corporate settings for almost twenty years, working on projects closely with executives, managers, and teams. He also works in the public and institutional/university sector.

He is particularly interested in the process of impermanence, along with excellence courses. His intent is to communicate people's most intimate moments in the understanding that happiness is a direction (present) rather than a final destination to be reached (future).

youMoksha coaching is only aimed at those who have already begun to ask questions about life and the essential issues related to it. It is aimed at those who:
  • are not completely satisfied despite the results obtained (including important ones)
  • are looking for a method of fundamental (and not superficial) improvement
  • are in a stage of great change
  • have identified limits or fears they want to overcome
  • are open to listening without too many preconceptions, without too many "ifs" and "buts"
  • have realised that it is time to act and cannot postpone it any more
  • are looking for a click and tools that enable them to re-orientate themselves